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Fees and costs


Procedure fees and costs cannot be given without direct evaluation, since each case is unique and different, despite what magazines state.

Prior to any procedure, it is therefore necessary to make an exploration in order to make a precise diagnosis and for the surgeon to recommend the correct therapeutic indications.

Although, our surgical team’s fees are determined previously and indicated, the fees of both clinic and anesthetist vary depending on the Hospital chosen (Ruber or Nuestra Señora de América in Madrid), type of anesthesia (local, local with sedation, epidural or general, length of the procedure (surgical time), hospital stay (performed on an outpatient basis or with 24-48h hospitalization).

Thus the corresponding hospital budget can vary up to 25%.

Surgical team fees include all post-surgery cures and visits during the first year, moment in which the surgeon definitely discharges the patient, except for mammary prothesis cases, in which yearly checkups are already included in the fee.

Surgical team fees also cover any possible type of complications or, during the first year following surgery, further procedures, retouches or refinements that might be required to improve the result. were it necessary, then the patient would only pay surgical expenses: material used, operating room, hospital, anesthetist and, given the case, prosthesis cost.

Surgical team, anesthetist and, given the case, prosthesis fees will be paid at latest one week before surgery date.

Hospital and operating room fees will be paid in the hospital after being discharged. During the admission process, the patient will need to pay an initial deposit indicated by our secretary.

If you are considering financing your plastic surgery procedure we can facilitate the possible bank operations.

First consultation fees vary between 90€ and 100€, depending on the time Dr. Arquero dedicates to each patient.